located in grotta area

Naxos Town

There is nothing in between the suites and the sea

Cyano Suites are located at Grotta area of Naxos town just 3 minutes walk to town center and to the Old Town of Naxos.

Grotta area offers marvelous views of the sea, Portara and the stunning sunset. All amenities are within a short walking distance that makes the location very convenient indeed.

Naxos Town

Naxos Town (or Hora) is a beautiful cycladic town with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Most of the activity tends in the waterfront and in the Old Town. The marble ruins of the temple of Apollo (Portara on Palatia islet) is an enchanting insight of the islands past. There are numerous shops, tavernas, restaurants, cafes and lots of entertainment, so daily life is more than fantastic.

Walk in Naxos Old Town, visit Portara and the Venetian Castle, relax in the town seafront or have fun in one of the numerous town clubs

Behind the waterfront an extensive, almost medieval old quarter stretches up the hillside and is divided into two neighbourhoods, Bourgos where the Greeks lived and Castle, the residence of the Venetian Catholic nobility. There are plenty of places to visit, the 13th Century Catholic Cathedral, the Zevgoli Tower (one of the seven original towers), the Archaeological Museum.

A lively and lovely town